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"After contemplating for years about getting my eyebrows tattooed, I finally decided to go for it! Kristi made me feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Her salon was very clean, sterile and welcoming. After our consultation, we decided on the perfect shape, thickness and color according to my facial features and preference. Kristi was very professional throughout my procedure. I even fell asleep! Now I have very natural looking, permanently ink'd eyebrows! The best part is the time I'm saving when I put on my make-up. It use to take me about 45 minutes to put on my make-up. Now it only takes me 15-20 minutes! I had no idea "drawing" on my eyebrows took so long. Thank you Kristi! I can't wait to have you do more! "


"Kristi, I am so glad I was referred to you. This past couple years... it has been so alarming to see grey hairs in my eyebrows. When I see them I pluck them out with tweezers. Because of all this twee-zing, they have become thin. So when I apply eye makeup, I draw then on. BUT, I no longer have to do this. You tattooed these beautiful eyebrows on me. They look real. I am so pleased. You are very professional and are a true artist. The pain was minimal and the recovery time was about three to four days. Yet I continued my daily routine as if nothing was different. The procedure was actually very relaxing. Your voice is very calming so the process was easy for me to go through.

I am looking forward to having more of your ART on my face. I will be making an appointment to have you tattoo eyeliner on my upper eyelids."

Thank you so much,
MaryJo Romano

"I have always loved natural looking makeup, so I thought that permanent makeup was out of the question for me. When I met with Kristi and talked to Kristi about what I liked, she assured me that she could make as natural as I wanted it. I was still scared to get the permanent makeup. After all, its my face, What if I don't like the way it turns out. Kristi showed me her portfolio and I was impressed. I decided to go ahead and get my lip liner done. I LOVED IT!!!!!!

A few weeks later I went and got my eyeliner done, omg!!!!!! I couldn't get enough!!!!!!!
Kristi also did the shadow behind my eyebrows!!!!!!

It is so easy to get ready now!!!!!!! And best of all it looks natural, people don't even know I have it done until I tell them.

Thank you so much Kristi for my beautiful, natural looking permanent makeup."

Gina Calco

"Kristi is the consummate professional! She made sure that I had plenty of topical anesthetic before she began the procedure. When she worked on my eyebrows she took her time being very meticulous and methodical at both the consultation and the actual procedure while frequently stopping to check with me to make sure I was comfortable and to get my input as to the progress. She was unstinting with her time at our touch-up appointment, once again giving it her upmost attention. I would without hesitation, recommend her to my friends and any perspective clients!"

Suzanne Hart